The Late Movies: How It's Made

Mark Arminio

If you've never seen the show How It's Made, you're missing a fascinating look into how some of the most ordinary products around you are constructed. Tonight for the Late Movies, here are a few examples of incredibly complex processes used to make items we probably take for granted.

Before landing on your plate or in a bag at your local grocery store, it takes an incredible amount of energy (and potatoes!) to make a single potato chip.

If you think it takes dedication to make a chip, how about a single marble?

Every time I see a story like this, about the incredible energy and equipment required to produce something as ordinary as milk, it makes me think a gallon should cost somewhere in the vicinity of $35.

Of course, we can take that a step's how CHEESE is made.

For all you sports fans, here's what it takes to get the ice just right for a hockey game.

In this clip, we learn how coins are made. Once again, after witnessing the amount of work it takes ramping up to produce the first coin, I'm shocked to learn they aren't worth more.

Here's a clip that explains how to make paintballs...did you know they are made out of crayon wax and cough syrup? You do now.

No one wants to see how the sausage is made...but we'll make an exception for hot dogs.

Finally, looking a bit toward the future, here's how solar panels are made.