Man Makes Movie Out of Old Answering Machine Messages


Remember answering machines? Not the cute little digital numbers we all have today, but the big clunky tape-based jobs of yesteryear? The kind where, if you left them for too long and didn't back up and erase the tape, you'd run out. Filmmaker Mark Craig had an answering machine like that for twenty years, but instead of recording over his old tapes, he saved them. He stumbled across a box of them awhile back -- twenty years of answering machine messages -- and realized that he could construct a sort of history of his life from its contents. The result is a short documentary called Talk to Me, and it's really interesting -- and not just because no one's ever made a film this way before. There's no narrator -- it's just the voices of people who'd called him over the years.

You can check out the whole thing online here.

Via the picture show.