The Quick 10: 10 Offices Cooler Than Yours (probably)


I’m not complaining about where I work – I spend my days in a pretty cool building. But it’s no Google. Then again, not much is. These 10 awesome company headquarters will make you shake your fist at your cubicle in rage… unless you work at one of them, of course.

1. Google. I know, everyone knows about Google, but it seems like a glaring omission to do a list about cool company headquarters and not list them. Among the amenities at the Googleplex? Sand volleyball games at lunch, a ball pit, foosball and ping pong tables, video games, and bicycles to get from meeting to meeting (it’s a huge complex). Not impressed? Let’s talk about the décor – pink plastic flamingoes, doors that go nowhere, a giant PlayMobil pirate, a dinosaur skeleton and lava lamps. Still yawning? There's more. So much more.

2. Pixar.

Tom Hanks recently Tweeted a picture of the

bathroom doors at Pixar

if that gives you any indication of how seriously they take themselves there. It makes sense that they have a 600-seat movie theater, but the organic vegetable garden and cottage-like cubicles (pictured) are just plain cool.

3. The Cartoon Network. Sure, they might work in cubicle-land just like the rest of us, but at least they have Rosie the Robot smack in the middle of it all. They're also allowed to decorate their cubes in any manner they see fit. Given the creative types that work there, that makes for a pretty interesting work environment.

4. Red Bull.

A fancy color scheme does not a cool company make (though their shiny red, blue and silver scheme is pretty neat) – it’s the slide that leads from the second floor to the first floor that won this headquarters a spot on the list. All I can think is, “But what about the


issues?!” There’s also a huge skateboard ramp and meeting room tables that double as ping pong-playing surfaces.

5. Nike. The video speaks for itself, but one highlight is an employee store with killer selection and a (allegedly) generous discount.

6. Volkswagen.

I bet you didn't know an assembly line could look so modern, sleek and tidy. I didn't! The inside of this factory in Dresden, Germany, is so elegant and gorgeous that when Dresden's opera house was flooded in 2002, they put on


in factory instead. There's also a restaurant and a simulator that gives test drives, among

many other cool features


7. McLaren.

I suppose it just comes with the territory of being a company that produces Formula One race cars, but how many offices do you know that come complete with a 475-foot wind tunnel used to test cars?

8. Selgas Cano Architecture.

Want an office with a view? Look no further than Selgas Cano, just outside of Madrid, which lets employees sit in the middle of nature while they work.

9. Bloomberg.

Get a complete tour


- at least, as complete as you can get with security stalking you constantly.

10. Zappos. If working for a shoe company isn't your dream job (If it means a steep discount on shoes, I'm in), consider this: they have Dance Dance Revolution set up as a stress-reliever, themed meeting rooms, nap pods and lots more. Check it out:

Do you have another nominee for the list? Let us know - especially if you work in one!