Thermite is a mixture of metal and rust that somehow react at extremely high temperatures. There are many formulas for thermite. All are dangerous. DO NOT try this at home.

Introduction to Thermite

Behold the power of thermite!

Welding Rails

This is the kind of thing thermite is supposed to be used for, by trained professionals.

Making a Steel Mold

Another legitimate use, but still a pretty display of pyrotechnics.

Breaking into a Vehicle

MacGyver makes it look simple. In reality, if the thermite worked, the pipe would melt as quickly as the safe.

Dismantling a Vehicle

Mythbusters used a half ton of thermite -because they can.

Illuminating a Jack-o-Lantern


Cooking a Turkey

Did you forget to thaw the turkey? You can always turn to thermite! The bird will be "done" in no time flat.