YouTube Comments Hall of Fame

Ransom Riggs

People who comment on websites and blogs aren't just a homogeneous mass. On the top of the heap, obviously, you've got mental floss commenters, who are thoughtful and intelligent and generally polite. On the absolute bottom of the heap, you have YouTube commenters. It doesn't matter what the video is, it's pretty much inevitable that someone will chime in with a humdinger like "THIS IS GEY!!!"

Sometimes, though, YouTube commenters get it just right -- and that's why the world has screenshots. One of my favorite ever YouTube bon mots is this:

Others have the power to distill, through their sheer inarticulate lunkheadedness, the lunkheadedness of whatever it is they're commenting on. Like this scene from Jurassic Park, which appears to be a man vomiting into a toilet in the jungle about to be eaten by a T-Rex.

Then there are the absolutely clueless ones, like this comment on a music video by the band Coldplay.

All I can say is that I hope someone's saving all this stuff, because one day all this stupidity will make brilliant reading.