This is My PVC Instrument

Chris Higgins

Inspired by Blue Man Group, "Snubby J" created a "PVC Instrument" and performs a medley of songs at the Del Ray South Talent Show. Stick around at least for the Super Mario Bros theme. Okay, actually stick around at least until "Like a Virgin," and there is a surprise if you stay tuned through the 5-minute mark.

This guy's got a career as a PVC performer, methinks.

Apparently you can follow Snubby J (aka Kent Jenkins) on Facebook for more stuff like this. Dude also has a YouTube channel, on which he reveals his goal of becoming a Blue Man himself. He has auditioned for BMG, but they suggested he try again after "getting some more life experience." (He just started college, and I strongly suspect he will get the BMG gig eventually.)

(Via Devour.)