Talking Pictures: Smoking and Drinking

Ransom Riggs

Americans have never been shy about indulging their vices -- especially during the holidays -- and so to kick off our national week-long, post-Thanksgiving food and alcohol come-down, I thought I'd share these pictures of our forebears smoking, drinking and rollin' doobs. Having a good time is nothing new, and neither is dealing with the morning after.

She tries but she can't.

One of my all-time favorite finds:

I'm pretty sure there's a giant bong just out of frame:

Ralph ready for a "high" dive

Everything about this Polaroid makes me happy. The track suit, the little dog, the giant TV remote, the recliner with its cushion turned sideways, the what I assume has to be scotch on the rocks in his hand. Here's to ya!

The darker side of drunk dad. Doesn't it almost look like the same guy?

This one belongs to collector extraordinaire Mr Waterslide:

Bill isn't drunk, he's just being silly

Aug 29, '65
This is a picture of my station wagon that was wrecked, had it parked at curb when I was living there
2 men that were drinking hit it in rear going 100 miles an hour, one died.

at my cabin in the mtns
my home for 22 yrs
not loaded here.

From flickr user photoidhelp, something I've never seen before -- a signed temperance pledge on the back of a photo. He doesn't look so sure about it ...

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