David K. Israel

My mom just returned from a semester at sea (life-long-learner program). The other night she showed us her photos. Good stuff. The most interesting one to me was this Coca-Cola Crateman she spotted in Cape Town. It got me wondering about the artist. So I started researching. And while I didn't find out who created him, I did discover a lot about the Crateman craze.

Yes, Crateman has been alive for a long time in Australia. Sometimes he’s riding a bike, sometimes he’s chilling on the façade of a building. Is it a new kind of graffiti? He has been turning up around Melbourne for several years now. There's a Crateman Web site, made by a fan, and a YouTube slideshow. So who is creating these Crateman? No one seems to know, exactly. (If you do, please drop a comment below!) Online, I read that they were created by "the mysterious Sam, Jerome, Ed and Gab" and that is all.

Meantime, we can enjoy a bunch of photos, some courtesy of my mom, others I got off the Cratemen site.