I Want to Send You $50!


I want to send you $50. Because you deserve $50!

Unfortunately, the economics of a give-all-our-readers-$50 promotion concerned our accounting department.

So let's try this: I'm going to give $50 to someone who buys (or has already bought) our new game, Split Decision. All you have to do is buy the game and send me a picture of you posing with it. We'll award $50 to the person who takes the most interesting photo, plus give out free t-shirts to a few runners-up. We might post some of your photos here on the blog, too.

Send those pics to splitdecision@mentalfloss.com. Winners will be announced a week from today, so go get your copy of Split Decision!

The game, pictured above at Powell's in Portland, is also available at most Borders and Books-A-Million stores, at Marbles in Chicago, and of course through the mental_floss store.