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How Did You Know Cara Vu?

David K. Israel

We had a lot of fun giving away daily neatorama prizes this month! We hope you continue to enjoy this new aspect of the game. Thanks for being active on the Facebook page. Head over there to find out if you're a random winner, as we just announced that. Meantime, congrats to our first place winner Cara Vu, one-half of Team Vu, who won the Hunt twice before:

I'm honored and ecstatic to have won HDYK this month! This month I unfortunately had to go it alone, since Kim is actually in Malawi right now on a project for the international development consulting firm he works for. But Kim participated in spirit, of course, and I'm sure he'll be excited that team Vu has garnered another HDYK win, haha (though of course this is not nearly as exciting as being in Malawi). As for me, I'm currently in my freshman year at UPenn, enjoying learning new things, meeting new people, exploring Philadelphia, and procrastinating on my homework and studying by doing HDYK puzzles. Thanks again for this month's awesome trivia hunt, and see you next month!

Final Answer Apple and Cider

Day 1 Day 1 Level 1 The hint indicates that the camouflaged phrases are backwards. 1. YESNOBRAONCAT --> TACNOARBONSEY - Carbon 2. NONETAGEYESOXOX --> XOXOSEYEGATAENON - Oxygen 3. NETSORSAGENUT --> TUNEGASROSTEN - Tungsten 4. MUSICHITIMELETSGO --> OGSTELEMITIHCISUM - Lithium 5. MUSEUMISFUSSYATGROPE --> EPORGTAYSSUFSIMUESUM - Potassium The eight-letter unifying theme is elements. Level 2 The chemical symbols of the elements are C, O, W, Li, and K (knew all off the top of my head thanks to my high school chemistry class). So 1-2-3-4-1-5 translates to cowlick. This has to do with the image on Level 1 because the pink swirls (sort of) look like cowlicks. Level 3 I Googled "hands album cover" and this webpage came up: The website includes We Are The Night by The Chemical Brothers. Assuming The Chemical Brothers was the artist for five out of six of the album covers, I confirmed this suspicion by browsing their discography on Wikipedia. To find the odd one out, I used (thanks to all who posted on Facebook saying they used this website! I'd never used it or even heard of it before, but it was a lifesaver). The album covers are (from left to right, top to bottom) 1. Exit Planet Dust by The Chemical Brothers 2. Further by The Chemical Brothers 3. Come With Us by The Chemical Brothers 4. Decksandrumsandrockandroll by Propellerheads 5. Dig Your Own Hole by The Chemical Brothers 6. We Are the Night by The Chemical Brothers When brought to, the Day 1 Level 3 Question is, "What is the name of the song the Propellerheads contributed to The Matrix soundtrack in the famous lobby scene?" The answer is "Spybreak!" (thanks, Wikipedia!).

Day 2 Level 1 Song 1: "25 or 6 to 4" by Chicago Song 2: "Three Times a Lady" by the Commodores Number: 25643 Since I didn't recognize either of the songs, I took an interesting route to get to the answer. I recognized the guitar riff of the first track from "Brain Stew" by Green Day, so I Googled "Green Day Brain Stew guitar riff" and found a few webpages saying some argue that Green Day copied this riff from "25 or Six to Four" by Chicago. Then I used the brute force method (namely, typing 2564 with various ending digits) to discover that the last digit was 3. The Level 2 page indicated that the song with 3 in the title was by the Commodores, so I used Google and found that the song was "Three Times A Lady." Level 2 The equation, with the clues plugged in, reads: 1/4x + 3 + 2x = 6 9/4x = 3 x = 4/3 Level 3 The missing numbers in the square, from top to bottom, are 2, 21, 29, and 6. When brought to http:/, the Day 2 Level 3 Question is, "What's the order of this magic square?" The answer is n=7 (had to look up what a magic square's order was on Wikipedia).

Day 3 Level 1 Across: 1. Anns 5. Rat 8. Sgts 12. Neat 13. BMI 14. Aria 15. Dynamite 17. Brew 18. Souse 19. Rib 21. Haim 24. Nacre 28. Abs 31. Tra 32. Atria 33. Hoop 35. Age 37. Hogs 38. Awful 40. Ill 42. Cat 43. Blade 44. Clef 46. Dam 48. Slide 52. Midi 55. Appeased 58. Eden 59. Ire 60. Stag 61. Gong 62. Lot 63. Hole Down: 1. Ands 2. Neyo 3. Nanu 4. Stash 5. RBI 6. Amt 7. Tier 8. Sabbath 9. Grr 10. Tie 11. Saw 16. Meat 20. In a 22. Ira 23. Magic 25. Croc 26. Riga 27. East 28. Ahab 29. Bowl 30. Sofa 34. Pudding 36. Ell 39. Lea 41. Lese 45. Flash 47. Mail 49. Is to 50. Deal 51. Edge 52. Meg 53. I do 54. Den 56. Pro 57. Pet The shaded words are Rat, Sabbath, Tie, Dynamite, Magic, Pudding, Mail, Cat, and Hole. The word that can precede all nine of these words to form two-word phrases is black. Level 2 1. Black History Month (knew in the back of my mind but confirmed using Google) 2. Black Beard (had to Google) 3. Black Forest (knew off the top of my head) 4. Jacob Black (knew off the top of my head) 5. Black licorice (had to Google) 6. Black Ops (had to Google) Level 3 The coordinates of all the bulbs are F1, B2, G2, D3, C4, A5, E5, D6, F6, and B7. The sum of all the numbers is 41. When brought to, the Day 3 Level 3 Question is, "The first book in what series written by Walter Farley was published in 1941?" The answer is The Black Stallion (Googled it).

Day 5 The holiday in the D3L2 puzzle is Black History Month. The president who officially recognized Black History Month is Gerald Ford (Googled "black history month president recognized and read the first link that came up). Gerald Ford was president number 38 (thanks, Wikipedia!). The element that is between Carbon (element of line 1) and Oxygen (element of line 2) is Nitrogen (knew off the top of my head). The abbreviation is N. Value of x in D2L2's equation is 4/3. The missing two-digit numbers in D2L3's magic square were 21 and 29. The sum of 21 and 29 is 50. The problem reads "4/3 of this number equals 50." The answer is 75/2 or 37.5. The letter in the lower right corner in D3L1's crossword puzzle is E (the end of 63 Across - the word hole). Used MapQuest's Longitude/Latitude tool and plugged in 38 for longitude, 37.5 for latitude. The country is Turkey (P.S., that's adorable). When brought to, the final question asks the names of the two turkeys Barack Obama pardoned this year. The answer is Apple and Cider (Googled it).