The Late Movies: Banana Peels


Peel banana. Place peel on ground. Insert comic moment.

Banana peel slips remain a source of human fascination and schadenfreude. From the classic watch-what-I-did-to-my-brother to the scientific analysis of peel quality, check out these fine videos demonstrating the art of falling on your butt because of a banana.

Revenge of the Unpeeled People

For all those outraged at the injustices done to humanity by those slips of banana, here is proof that justice exists.

Bananas: Busted

The MythBusters analyze the science behind the slippery nature of banana skin.

Mo Banana

Not to be outdone, Mo Rocca takes on banana peels with the help of (uncontested) instant replay technology.

To Infinity and Banana

This banana peel had dreams; this banana peel drew spaceships on his math homework and applied for NASA right out of high school. This kid once had a nightmare about meeting his kitchen floor.

Double Scoop Split

Oh, the evil schemes of older children on their younger (and identically dressed) alter egos.