The Late Movies: How to Drive Telemarketers Insane

Ransom Riggs

Telemarketers bugging you? Bug them back! It may not stop the calls, but it'll definitely make you feel better. Here are a few pranks that savvy YouTubers have played on telemarketers who would've leave them alone.

In this video, vlogger JR Digs keeps a telemarketer on the phone for FIFTY MINUTES ... and then buys nothing. It's an heroic feat of patience and persistence.

Telemarketers like to keep things simple, and tend to stick to yes-or-no questions. Here's what happens if you stick to only-yes answers.

This woman is a telemarketer's worst nightmare. YOU ARE WORSE THAN ANY TERRORIST! DO NOT CALL! Warning: NSFW!

This is pretty classic. The pranker tells the telemarketer he's a police detective, and the house the telemarketer's just called is a crime scene, and ... how did you know Mr. Mabe, exactly?

Someone uses Judge Judy sound clips to torture a telemarketer. Now I'm starting to feel bad for these poor folks ... ahh, moral ambiguity!

A holiday-themed telemarketer prank. No carolers were harmed in the making of this audio recording.