Afternoon Giveaway: Ninjabread Men

Jason English

Welcome to day two of our week of giveaways from UncommonGoods! Today you're playing for a set of Ninjabread Men, which would certainly liven up your dessert table.

How Can I Win?

Tell us about the greatest present you've ever given someone—Christmas, birthday, graduation, a kidney, whatever. Make me wish that our relationship was at the gift-exchange level. We'll pick one winner at random tomorrow when we return with a new giveaway.

Who Won the Clock?

Congratulations, Joss! You're today's chosen-at-random winner. I'll be in touch so we can get Tocky to you. We had a great time reading all your responses.

What About That Qatar Contest From Last Week?

Ah, right. In all the craziness over the weekend, this slipped my mind. Let's settle that up tomorrow.

Now let's hear about your present-giving prowess!