Today's Giveaway: Infunitum!

Jason English

Our friends at UncommonGoods have given us a copy of the award-winning game Infunitum to dangle before you this evening. Want to try to win a copy?

Mangesh and I are headed to a holiday party tonight where we don't know many people. We each have good stories we can fall back on in the event of a conversational lull -- he started a magazine in college in a terrible economy that's alive and kicking a decade later; the other day I heard a woman threaten to call the state lottery commission to complain about her streak of loser scratch-off tickets.

I'd hate to use that anecdote more than four or five times, so tonight's contest goes like this: tell us one amazing fact that we might work into conversation. ("Great wine. Speaking of beverages, did you know Kool-Aid was originally called 'Fruit Smack'?")

One winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. I'll check the comments on my phone later tonight and let you know in the morning if any were shoehorned into conversation.