Attention Cleveland-Area Flossers: Come On Over!

Jason English

If you live in the Cleveland area and are looking for something to do tomorrow (Saturday), stop by the mental_floss retail store in Chesterland! Come see where the magic happens. And if you drop by between 12-4pm, they'll be offering a special combo deal: get a copy of Split Decision and the t-shirt of your choice for just $34.95.

You'll need to know how to get there. Here's the address: 8051 Mayfield Rd, Chesterland, OH (View on Google Maps.)

I can't promise office dog Leo will be working tomorrow (can someone from the Ohio office confirm?), but if he is, I don't recommend taking his picture. When I tried to snap a photo earlier this year, Toby screamed, "Watch your privates!" He wasn't kidding. But if you don't take out a camera, you and your privates will be just fine.