Ten Odd and Awesome 2011 Calendars


Calendars are a popular Christmas gift for friends and relatives who already "have everything", because you need a different calendar every year. And these are certainly different!

1. Toilets of the World

The Toilets of the World Wall Calendar might be just the thing to hang in the bathroom. Every month, you'll get a view of a restroom that's not yours. Some will make you jealous; others will make you grateful for what you have.

2. Heavy Equipment

When buying calendars as gifts, it's nice to have calendar art featuring the object of the recipient's desire. The Heavy Equipment Calendar 2011 could put a smile on the face of a man you know -the one who already has all the power tools he needs and who doesn't have room for his own excavator or front loader.

3. Goats in Trees

I can't think of a better way to start off each month than to see a new goat up in a tree. The 2011 Goats in Trees Calendar has a dozen of them. Or actually more than a dozen, because some months have multiple goats in one tree! Pure delight! Reading the reviews of this product is almost as fun as seeing a goat in a tree.

4. Roadkill

From Australia, beware the 2011 Roadkill Calendar. I don't know exactly who the target buyer for this is, but apparently there is one. The calendar is a side product for a book that helps travelers identify species left dead on the highways of Australia. There's also the Son of Roadkill Calendar for sale in England, and now available on the web.

5. Gold Miffy

The 2011 Gold Miffy Calendar has to be the most expensive calendar of the year (possibly of all time). Japanese jewelry designer Ginza Tanaka will sell the calendar for 55 million yen ($655,765). Made of 6 kilograms of pure gold, the calendar features a picture of a children's book character, a bunny named Miffy, because 2011 is the year of the rabbit. No word on how many were produced, or how many have been sold so far.

6. Zombies

A zombie calendar is fun, but even more fun is one that leaves you with your own zombie invasion at the end of the year! The Build-a-Zombie 2011 Paper Craft Calendar has a project printed on each page that you can cut and fold into a paper craft zombie when the month is over. It also has zombie "facts" and fun on some of the dates.

7. Missionaries

Men on a Mission is a calendar with pictures of former LDS (Mormon) missionaries. Its founder, Chad Hardy, was excommunicated and denied a BYU diploma because of the first such calendar published for 2008. Hardy is featured on the August page of the new calendar, which is a Brigham Young University alumnus edition.

8. Surfing Dogs

Every month you can see a different dog hanging ten -or however many toes dogs hang- with the Surf Dogs calendar. Proceeds from the sale of calendars go to 18 different organizations to benefit animals and children in need.

9. Cat Physics

You probably have seen the list of the Laws of Cat Physics somewhere on the internet, if not many years ago on your workplace bulletin board. Some jokes never get old. Now you can get those laws on a calendar from the "Institute of Theoretical & Applied Cat Physics", because the regular laws of physics do not apply to cats.

10. Hooters Calendar

The Hooters calendar is a tradition that goes back quite a few years. For 2011, the manufacturer is donating the net proceeds to O.W.L. (the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society) to help owls and other wild birds. Surely you know someone who will get excited over the very idea of a Hooters calendar! Available in both paper calendar and pdf file. This image is from the 2010 calendar.

Coming Thursday: MORE strange 2011 calendars.