Today's Giveaway: Get Clean and Geeky With Video Game Soap

Jason English

I enjoy learning about cities that got creative with their official symbols. For example, the plastic pink flamingo is the official bird of Madison, WI. Back in the 1980s, California's Redondo Beach adopted the Goodyear Blimp as their official bird.

So if a town or city near you had a little fun with its official animal or song or motto (or anything), we want to hear about it in the comments.

Why Should You Tell Us?

Sharing quirky facts is its own reward! But just in case it's not reward enough, we'll also dangle some very geeky soap in front of you. We'll pick two winners at random. One will receive a bar of Atari 2600 Soap; the other gets soap inspired by the original Nintendo Entertainment System cartridges. Prizes courtesy of the good people at GEEKSOAP.

Who Won the Phonekerchief?

Put your hands together for Bicycle Bill! I'll be in touch.