Connections TV Series Now Online

Chris Higgins

I wrote about James Burke's classic science show Connections way back in May, 2008. As I wrote then: "Connections was a documentary series produced for the BBC in 1978. It sought to explain human history through an "alternative view of change" in which multiple aspects of history, including technology, religion, and finance combine to bring about social change. This mode of analysis moves beyond conventional linear narrative, and as a result embraces complexity. Each episode is an essay connecting several seemingly disparate events or technologies through an extended web of logic -- it's great fun to follow." In addition to the original series, Burke went to make a second and third Connections series, plus a series called The Day the Universe Changed. (Oh, he also writes books. Good ones. Dude gets stuff done.)

So imagine my surprise when an official James Burke YouTube channel appeared with all four of the series listed above! We're talking every single episode (albeit broken up into 10-minute YouTube chunks). To give you a taste, here's the first part of Connections Episode 6, "Thunder in the Skies":