QR Codes As Art

David K. Israel

In my previous posts on QR codes, all intended to help you gear up for our big QR Code Hunt in NYC next week, where you could win a brand new Ford Fiesta, I mentioned that they were invented by the Japanese and that the codes are pretty ubiquitous in and around Japan on billboards, magazines, newspapers, TV ads, etc. Leave it to the Japanese to outpace us not only in employing the little codes, but also in finding innovative ways to construct them, adding an artistic flair. Watch the video below to see one built out of nothing but sand, on the beach!

And if that doesn't rock your world, how about a hand-knitted QR code scarf?

This young lad got creative with M&Ms and built an edible one that takes you to M&M's Web site!

And what QR code as art post would be complete without one made out of 5816 LEGO blocks?!

Be sure to tune in Monday for out last QR code post and some details about Tuesday's big hunt!