Ten More Odd 2011 Calendars


Earlier this week we showed you Ten Odd and Awesome 2011 Calendars, but that wasn't enough. The variety of calendars available for 2011 is such that ten more are warranted. Happy shopping!

1. Nuns Having Fun

The Nuns Having Fun calendar was first published for 2004 and proved to be a big hit. You might even say it's habit forming. The eighth edition is ready for 2011, featuring Catholic sisters eating, playing games, traveling, and engaging in sports activities.

2. Cake Wrecks

If you enjoy the blog Cake Wrecks, you'll also enjoy the 2011 Cake Wrecks calendar, featuring the most memorable (and laughable) cake decorating misadventures. This calendar changes every week, giving you 54 cake pictures instead of 12, but also has monthly planning calendars.

3. Outhouses

Published annually by Brown Trout (a company that produces a lot of calendars), the Outhouse calendar has become a tradition among outhouse connoisseurs. Maybe it's the idea of making the observer glad for the indoor loo you have. It's not the only outhouse calendar available. There' also this one and this one and this one.

4. Zombie Pinup Calendar

Zombies can be beautiful, even with gaping wounds. Of course, since zombies are fictional characters, they can be as beautiful as special effects can make them! The 2011 Zombie Pinup Calendar from Bad Zombie combines cheescake with cinema gore. If you prefer your zombies with a literary flair, check out the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies calendar.

5. Nice Jewish Guys

Heather mentioned she received a Nice Jewish Guys calendar last year, and then found a nice Jewish guy as well! The 2011 version of the Nice Jewish Guys calendar is ready. You could call it an inspirational gift.

6. Weird Frogs

This actual title of this calendar is The Weirdest and Most Unusual Frogs on Earth Calendar 2011, produced by Frogs Are Green. Of course, not all of these frogs are green -after all, they are weird! Proceeds from calendar sales go to various conservation organizations targeting frogs and other amphibians.

7. Dogs of Rock

The RSPCA is selling a calendar featuring cute puppy dogs rocking out on guitars, drums, and microphones. Dogs of Rock makes no bones about photo manipulation, they just want to bring a smile to your face and funds to the UK organization that protects all kinds of animals.

8. Hot Guys and Baby Animals

Two of your favorite flavors in one calendar! Proceeds from the 2011 Hot Guys and Baby Animals calendar help the San Francisco SPCA and The Milo Foundation animal sanctuary. According to the website, some of the baby animals are available for adoption, however "The men are not up for adoption, but may be in need of rescuing."

9. Jackasses

Jackasses 2011 could be useful for sending a message to a gift recipient, but it would be far safer just to buy one for yourself. Every month you'll see a new donkey or group of donkeys to give you a smile. It will, no doubt, be a great conversation starter in your office.

10. Coffins

There has never been a dearth of calendars featuring women in various states of undress, so they aren't considered particularly odd. However, one such calendar from a coffin manufacturer has been drawing so much attention that I felt I had to include it here. The Lindner coffin company of Poland issues a calender every year featuring sexy scenarios with their products displayed. Be aware that the link showing all the pages is NSFW.

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