Twitter's 2010 In Review

Chris Higgins

On the heels of Google's Zeitgeist 2010, Twitter has revealed its 2010 Year in Review. I'm curious: are they going to change this if something really big happens in the next two weeks? Well anyway, the Twitter insights are roughly as banal as the Google lists, with vast quantities of Justin Bieber-related topics, although political and social events do make it onto the lists. There are a few real gems in there. For example, on the Most Powerful Tweets List:

@BPGlobalPR- BP Public Relations "Catastrophe is a strong word, let's all agree to call it a whoopsie daisy."

To be clear, @BPGlobalPR is NOT BP's actual PR agency. But it's well worth following.

In the Trends on Twitter page, we see top-10 lists much like Google's Zeitgeist. Okay, pop quiz, how many of the following people can you identify?

1. Justin Bieber 2. Dilma Rouseff 3. Lady Gaga 4. Julian Assange 5. Mel Gibson 6. Lil Kim 7. Zilda Arns 8. Kate Middleton 9. Kim Hee Chul 10. Joannie Rochette

Also interesting is the top 10 hashtags (these are those #topics you append to a tweet). Maybe I'm living under a Twitter rock or something, but I don't recognize any of these except #1. The Twitterverse must be bigger and stranger than I thought.

1. #rememberwhen 2. #slapyourself 3. #confessiontime 4. #thingsimiss 5. #ohjustlikeme 6. #wheniwaslittle 7. #haveuever 8. #icantlivewithout 9. #thankful 10. #2010disappointments

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