A Silly Song About Breast Cancer

Ransom Riggs

Four years ago, John and Hank Green decided they were going to "take over" YouTube for charity. The result was the first Project for Awesome, in which hundreds of people made videos advocating for their favorite charities (I made this one) and an army of like-minded folk rated and commented upon them tirelessly until they reached several of YouTube's front pages. At one point, befuddled YouTube employees noted that more than half of their "most commented" videos of the day were these mysterious-but-inspiring Project for Awesome videos. Cut to four years later, and John and Hank no longer have to sneakily trick YouTube into highlighting their videos for a wide audience; this year, YouTube is sponsoring the Project, and they'll be featuring many of the best videos on the front page all on their own.

In addition to using videos to promote charities, the Project for Awesome is also raffling off various internet-geek prizes to raise money to support charities directly. (One such prize: a personalized song from ChatRoulette piano improv star Merton.)

I made another video this year, in support of my new favorite charity, Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Twice in the past couple years my wife has participated in the Komen 3-Day Walk, an amazing event held all around the country where people walk 60 miles over three days to raise money for breast cancer research. I was there every time she crossed the finish line, among a swarm of thousands of tired, tearful walkers, and it was always an inspiring sight. So I wrote a song -- a silly one, to be sure -- about the 3-day walk and its mission, and peppered it with photos and video I shot during the walks I attended. Hope you like it!