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In the Market for Monster Supplies?

Jill Harness

If you've ever been to 826 Valencia (aka The Pirate Store) in San Francisco or The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store, then you're already familiar with the concept behind the Hoxton Street Monster Supplies Store in London. For the uninitiated, it basically involves delightfully strange stores that are actually fronts for a free writing workshop for children between 8-18. The storefronts offer a revenue source for the writing centers that are also inspirational for aspiring young writers.

The Monster Supplies Store calls their writing center the Ministry of Stories. The monster store carries such fun items as a canned "vague sense of unease," old fashioned brain jam, and the "thickest human snot." If you happen to be in the area, be sure to stop by to shop, but if you have kids in the area, take advantage of the writing center!