mental_floss: Now on Tumblr!

Jason English

We've gotten a lot of requests to get active on Tumblr. OK, two requests. And really, they were just questions. ("Is mental_floss on Tumblr?") It's possible these folks were just making conversation.

So even though nobody's actually clamoring for it, we've started a Tumblr blog. The original plan was to really study the space. Look at case studies. Memorize best practices. Then we said screw it, threw something together in a couple of hours and decided to work out the kinks on the fly.

Meet the newest addition to the mental_floss family—!

(Yeah, was already taken.)

Why do we need a Tumblr blog? Oh, we absolutely don't. But my neighbor doesn't need a homemade nativity scene featuring Winnie the Pooh characters, either—yet the kids seem to love it. Our Tumblr feed will include short historical anecdotes, quick facts, weird photos, and links back to this blog. Hopefully we'll hook a few new _flossers. Or we won't, and our page will eventually be overrun with virtual weeds. Like this.

If you're into the whole Tumblr thing and aren't opposed to following magazines, give us a try. And a big thanks to Sarah Prial, who helped art director Winslow Taft and me get this off the ground.