The Wicked Bible: Adultery is OK! (Murder still frowned upon)

Stacy Conradt

Looking for a Bible that's a little more lenient? For $90,000, the Wicked Bible (AKA the Adulterous Bible and the Sinners' Bible) could yours. In 1631, the royal printers Robert Barker and Martin Lucas printed about 1,000 copies of the King James Bible, which included an interesting take on the Ten Commandments:

Yep. Thou shalt commit adultery. Although the printers recalled the copies as soon as possible and made corrected versions, they were still fined about £300 - close to £34,000 today - and had their printing license revoked.

It's believed that only 11 copies of the typoed tome survived, although some sources think this may be a low estimate. Even so, Wicked Bibles are worth a pretty penny: a nearly destroyed version fetched $240 in 1979, and editions in good condition are worth thousands of dollars. There's currently one for sale (the only one in the world for sale, they say) at a rare and antique Bible website for $89,500.