Things With Faces

David K. Israel

So my son Jack and I are driving around Los Angeles today and we get stuck behind this bus with a Jack ad. My Jack says, "Hey look, daddy, that hamgeber has a face!" (He's three, cut him some slack.)

And we both start cracking up, because not only does it have a face, thanks to the placement of the bus's brake lights, but it seems to be sticking its tongue out at everyone! This reminded me of something I'd posted on Facebook last week that got a record number of 'likes' for a simple pic:

Yes, it seems when you turn certain microwaves on their side, they are just plain slap-happy!

Someone immediately posted her microwave on its side, in response:

And then someone else alerted me to a wonderful site called—surprise, surprise— Here are a couple of my favs:

I also seem to recall once noticing that our old-fashioned cheese-grater had a face on its side. How about you all? Ever see something with an unintentional face on it?