And the Biggest Liar of 2010 Is…

Colin Patrick

David Milz is the king liar of 2010 - at least according to the Burlington Liars' Club. Time describes the club this way:

"The liars' club began back in 1929 as a fun way to honor the creativity and humor of well-worked exaggeration. Lifetime membership costs just $1, and anyone can submit their own lies for free (no, really). It's based in Burlington, near Milwaukee, and numbers some 2,500 members around the world.

Here's the big whopper that earned Milz this dubious honor:

"I almost had a psychic girlfriend but she left me before we met."

Several people have pointed out that this line isn’t a Milz original, but rather a a well-known joke by the subversive comic legend Steven Wright. So, did Milz lie about this being his lie? It would seem rather fitting.

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