As we welcome 2011, enjoy some New Year music and memories. And use a designated driver!

Happy New Year

Rhe DeVille updated her 2009 song to usher in 2011.

World's Happiest Penguin

The world's happiest penguin dances to Auld Lang Syne as the snow falls. It's a Happy Feet New Year!

The New Year Party

When Harry Met Sally, the ending was another beginning.

Let's Celebrake!

Popeye, Bluto, Olive Oyl, and Grandma ring in the New Year in this 1938 cartoon.

Happy New Year from ABBA

The song was recorded in 1980 but wasn't released until 1999! You might be familiar with "Happy New Year" from its re-release in 2008.


Happy New Year 1958

Hosted by Guy Lombardo himself, complete with the Times Square Ball Drop. I could almost swear I heard vuvuzelas.

You Don't Have to Know the Words!

Mariah Carey puts the "happy" in Happy New Year!