The Late Movies: I Get That A Lot

Ransom Riggs

Okay, I'm aware that this show is nothing but poofy tabloid-culture nonsense, but I Get That A Lot is kind of a guilty pleasure. It's a reality prank show about celebrities who assume "regular" jobs and pose as "regular" folks -- without doing very much to disguise their faces, etc -- and when people ask them if they're XYZ celeb, they're supposed to say "I get that a lot." Which they do. And it's delightful!

Snoop Dogg is so giant and weird-looking that there's no way people won't recognize him, even if he's the guy parking their cars.

Paris Hilton pumps gas. I guess she wasn't busy doing anything else?

Tim Gunn from Project Runway works at a fast-food joint in Jersey. He just looks so painfully out of place behind the counter, arching his brow as he asks people, "what kind of cheese?" and "were you aware that American cheese does not actually come from America?" It's laughable -- and I guess that's the point.

I'll bet Jay Mohr served a lot of people coffee before they found someone who recognized him.

Gene Simmons really hams it up as a psychic advisor in Venice, CA (just down the street from me, actually).

Ice-T invents a new persona for himself -- Alan "Smoov" Jackson -- in order to sell the hell out of some shoes. (Hmm, embedding seems to be disabled -- check it out here.)

One of the Jonas Brothers sells clothes at Forever XXI. And he's kind of a dick about it.