A Strange Turn of Events on a Slow News Day

Jason English

On Monday, I posted a clip of my two-year-old playing with her U.S. Presidents placemat alongside our "can you guess the president by his placemat portrait?" quiz. Gawker re-posted the video last night, and today it showed up on the Yahoo! homepage and NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.

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This internet thing is pretty crazy. In case you missed the full video and want to scoff at my shoddy camera work, here it is.

Charlotte's 15 minutes (or 55 seconds) of fame haven't gone to her head. When we tried to watch her segment back on TiVo, she protested. "I want to watch Clifford the Big Red Dog instead," she said.

Update (2/21): Charlotte was on Rachael Ray for Presidents' Day this morning. Here's her segment. This should make for a few interesting pages in her baby book.

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