The Very Definition of "Sweetheart"

Colin Patrick

As the man who invented Jelly Belly jelly beans, David Klein is a pioneer in the candy industry. After selling the now-famous flavored beans to a partner, Klein has spent the last three decades dreaming up new sweet creations.

As AOL Weird News explains, his latest attempt at a return to the sugary spotlight is a 2.5-pound gummy treat in the anatomically-correct shape of a human heart – complete with sweet edible blood that seeps from multiple openings. If that doesn’t exactly pique your appetite, he also has some other products in mind for the future:

Klein also plans a gummy foot that comes with a gangrenous toe (candy, of course), candy barf and a gummy bleeding nose.

Additionally, Klein is the subject of a new documentary that he hopes will remind the world of his contributions to the field of candymaking. Here’s a preview: