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Secret Advice for Success in Life: Get More Sleep, Have More Dreams

Ransom Riggs

In this short-but-sweet TED talk, Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington talks about how she discovered the importance of sleep: by fainting from exhaustion a couple of years ago, hitting her face on her desk, breaking her cheekbone, and needing a bunch of stitches. She also talks about the insidious idea in our culture that being sleep-deprived is a kind of status symbol -- as if people who get seven or eight hours of sleep a night have lives that are emptier or less important or less connected than those who get four or five. Getting more sleep, she argues, helps you get a grip on the big picture, and improves your mental health, to boot.

To hear another, totally different, case for the importance of sleep, check out this edition of RadioLab, all about dreams, and the importance of dreaming, and how dreaming helps the mind work out the problems of your life in ways you could never do while awake.