The Quick 14: The Banned Words List

Stacy Conradt

Every year, Lake Superior State University releases its banned words list based on overused words and phrases for the year. In case you missed which words you should eradicate from your lingo, here they are:

1. Viral.
2. Epic.
3. Fail.
4. Wow Factor.
5. A-ha Moment.
6. Back story.
7. BFF.
8. Man up.
9. Refudiate.
10. Mama Grizzlies.
11. The American People
12. I'm Just Sayin'
13. Facebook/Google as a verb
14. Live Life to the Fullest

You can check out the reasons behind the submissions at Lake Superior State University's site, like this one for "A-ha Moment," the phrase on the list I hate the most: "All this means is a point at which you understand something or something becomes clearer. Why can't you just say that?"