The Late Movies: Best of 2010 Mashups

Mark Arminio

As we kick off 2011, it's common to look back at the highlights of the previous year; the highs and lows, the things that inspired and entertained us and how we lived for the past 365 days. Tonight for The Late Movies, here are a few mashups, compilations and collections from 2010 as we look to the future.

Annually, DJ Earworm remixes the popular songs of the year into a beautiful and transfixing mix. Here was his mix from the summer: Like OMG Baby.

And here is his mashup of the top 25 songs from last year: United State of Pop 2010 (Don't Stop the Pop).

If you haven't seen this video yet, take a few minutes. This is a documentary by filmmaker Kirby Ferguson exploring how Everything Is A Remix. Look for his sequel out soon.

Each year, Google tracks the popular trends of how people worldwide search for information. It's a fascinating look at what is important to us through the lens of a search engine. This video, called Google Zeitgeist, takes a look at 2010.

The World Cup, the world's most popular sporting event, was held in South Africa this year. Here is a montage of the best moments from the tournament and a subtle reminder that everyone on earth is inexorably linked.

Here's Filmograph 2010, a compilation of movie scenes from the past year. How many of these films did you see?

Bonus: Finally tonight, I'll leave you with a compilation from Mad Men. Here is every single utterance of the word "what" as said by Don Draper. Enjoy!