Adorable Kids With Obsolete Technology


Ready to feel really old? In this video, some French-Canadian kids are presented with technology from the 80's and 90's. They then try to figure out what the items are, and the results are delightful. Although the video is in French (and I don't speak any French), I could easily follow what was going on.

My favorite parts: upon being presented with a Gameboy, a girl declares it a "telephone" (makes sense from her perspective -- a little screen, some buttons, made to be held in the hand); and the part around 2:30 where kids encounter a 45rpm turntable, one recognizes it as a tool of DJs, and he spontaneously figures out how to scratch.

Delightful. And welcome to a new decade. What will kids in 20 years think an iPod is? My guess is "telephone."