10 Cute and Creepy Crochet Creations


People all over the web are making amazing things with one hook and some yarn. If your idea of crochet is the afghan throw your great aunt made years ago, you are in for a treat! Amigurumi is the art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed characters of all kinds -and there is a vast array of those characters in craft forums, blogs, photo sites, and of course, Etsy. With so many online, I chose to focus on the more bizarre, offbeat, and downright creepy (but still cute) crocheted characters for this post.

1. Hannibal Kitty

Raquel Schleimer crochets and sells one-of-a-kind amigurumi monsters at monsterami. One of her masterpieces combines Hello Kitty with Hannibal Lecter, which is enough nightmare for anyone!

2. Monsters

Lucy Ravenscar makes tiny science fiction and fantasy characters, including adorable monsters. The patterns can be bought through her Etsy store. A very few of her finished creatures are for sale.

3. Black Metal

Karabouts has a nice collection of amigurumi figures that are not for sale, but Kara teaches doll-making techniques in New York City, and she and Mike are preparing to start selling patterns for their creations. The Norwegian Black Metal doll has all the necessary accessories.

4. Sid & Nancy

It takes a real artist to crochet real people so small and make them instantly recognizable. Croshame does just that with Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen here in a classic pose. You'll also recognize the cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in crocheted miniature.

5. Big Daddy

Nerdigumuri crocheted Big Daddy from the game Bioshock, among other video game characters you'll find at her website. They aren't for sale, but she shares the patterns for them so you can make your own!

6. Sandworm

DeviantART member smapte crochets science fiction characters, including Paul Atreides (Muad'Dib) with a sandworm from Dune.

7. Organs

Sarah Louise Burns is an actress, but also a craftster who crochets body parts. Shown is a set of kidneys, ureters, and bladder, but you can find brains, eyeballs, lungs, glands, and more at her Etsy shop.

8. Roadkill

Etsy seller TheDarkSideofCute uses the tagline "Things you want to make but your family would rather you didn't." That's most likely a reference to the opossum roadkill shown, the pattern for which is for sale. It looks better turned right side up.

9. Zombie

Crafters love to make amigurumi zombies, and you'll find them all over. The creepiest I've seen is this zombie that Kim made, complete with missing limbs and spilling entrails. You can make your own with her free pattern.

10. Giant Space Worm

NeedleNoodles crochets everything from food to baby bibs to the grim reaper, and wrote a book about them. Occasionally she posts a story using her crocheted characters, like Amigurumi and the Perils of Space Exploration. The awesome space worm from the story has been sold, but there are plenty of other amigurumi items in the NeedleNoodle Etsy store.

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