A Very Literal Spin on New Yorker Cartoons

Colin Patrick

As a bona fide comedy nerd I like to occasionally read The New Yorker to peruse the humorous bits and pieces it offers. While I generally enjoy it, I have to admit that the humor of their cartoons sometimes goes over my head, or right around me, or misses me in some other way. Maybe I’m not smart enough to get them. Very likely.

Either way, for my money, the blog The Monkeys You Ordered is much more satisfying. The site’s simple premise is to take the animated portion of New Yorker cartoons and replace their dry, droll captions with ones that respond to the drawing in extremely literal ways. The result is a pretty funny juxtaposition of absurd images and a very rational voice. Here is a sampling of a few:

Gary likes to sleep in a cradle.

My real problem is that these fish follow me everywhere.

It’s hard to work while parachuting.

(Via Laughing Squid)