The Late Movies: Amy Sedaris's Crafts for Poor People

Chris Higgins

Amy Sedaris, star of Strangers With Candy and surprisingly successful craft maven, has her own YouTube channel! In her videos, Sedaris teaches us how to make some spectacular crafts -- like the classic "hot dogs on a rake," "pom pons" (sic?), and who could forget the "donut bird feeder?" This is spectacular and ridiculous and wonderful. I've included most of the videos currently posted on her channel (they're all promo for her new crafting book), but I suggest you subscribe for more gems.

Dusty Dean's Dynamite Stixx

How about a craft for your rabbit? Yeah, "rabbits love snacks." I'm really surprised that Sedaris has preserved all of her fingers after using these huge scissors.

"I don't recommend alfalfa because it's fattening."

How Dogs on a Rake

"It's how you can roast hot dogs using a common household rake." Completely, wonderfully, inappropriate.

Potato Ships

"Oh hi! I was just securing the tape around my fake fingernails. You're gonna need fake nails for this next craft."

Donut Bird Feeder

"Squirrels and birds love donuts, so we're gonna make a donut bird/squirrel feeder today."


"You can put pompons on top of your bedroom slippers, or, you know, gift for a shut-in." Again with the scissor danger.

Interview: Letterman

Discussed: how her dress can be adapted for any season with simple clip-ons; Ricky the imaginary boyfriend; Glenn the Merchant Marine; Dave's treehouse; her fake cell phone; and much, much more. For more on Glenn see here.