Now Waiting for the Bus Can Be Fun

Jill Harness

San Francisco has one of the finest public transit systems in America, but that doesn't mean the buses and subways are always on time. Anyone who has ever lived in the city can tell you just how much time they've wasted sitting at the MUNI stations waiting to get picked up.

Fortunately, Yahoo! has come up with a great way to keep riders entertained while they wait. The tech company has installed 20 interactive touchscreen systems at bus stops around the city, each of which have four games. Players are asked to enter the neighborhood where they live. Each time a player wins a contest, his or her neighborhood is awarded 100 points. The area with the most points at the end of the contest gets a massive block party sponsored by Yahoo! and featuring internet rock favorite OK Go.

[Image courtesy of Flickr user Jaymi Heimbuch.]