The Late Movies: Girl Talk Mashups

Ransom Riggs

I REALLY like this stuff. The latest album, ALL DAY, is all I've listened to while working out for the past month. I've never been able to listen to an album so many times and not get sick of it. It's kind of like the ultimate mixtape, for persons of a certain age and musical persuasion. Girl Talk allows stuck-in-the-90s Pixies-lovers like myself (who also like rap but don't make much of an effort to seek it out) to shake our asses more or less unironically to Beyonce and Miley Cyrus. And that is remarkable.

And now, some songs. Or should I say, "songs," as these three-to-five-minute chunks are each composed of dozens of them. By the way, due to the amount of hardcore rap that's sampled in these tracks, they contain NSFW LANGUAGE.

Coolio and Yo La Tengo -- obviously meant for one another. But it works!

Girl Talk concerts are famously energetic. This video is rotoscoped footage from one of those concerts. Fancy!

Some Jay-Z and Radiohead tracks get married, and have beautiful children.

"No Diggety" and "The Weight" -- a weird combo, but somehow it works.

"Oh No" kicks off the latest album. It's crude, rude, and ... brilliant.

This is a pretty good look at what a live concert is like -- definitely high-energy. They say Greg wraps his laptop in saran wrap and tape to keep the sweat that drips off him during shows from short-circuiting it.

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