The Late Movies: Foul Ball!

Erica Palan

Have you ever caught a foul ball at a baseball game? Even the most casual fans of America’s pastime understand the thrill of seeing a ball heading straight for an outstretched hand. Here’s a collection of fans catching foul balls — a few in truly outrageous ways — to get you in the mood for baseball season. Only a month until spring training starts!

He Didn’t Even Drop His Nachos

This guy happened to be passing through the section after hitting the concession stand and effortlessly grabbed this Phillies foul.


It’s not uncommon for fan to get hit by foul balls — sometimes causing injuries. But when Denard Span hit this foul in a spring training game, he hit someone he knew — his own mother.

Even the Muppets Want a Piece of the Game

Poor Fat Blue.

And Then She Threw It Back …

This video made the rounds on morning talk shows, but it’s still a great one. One dad catches a foul ball, immediately hands it to his daughter. Then she tosses it right back onto the field!

That’s Probably Not What He Meant When He Asked for Extra Toppings …

This foul flew straight into one guy’s mid-game snack.

Is That Favoritism?

The announcer reached out and snagged this ball.

Record Holder!

Meet Zack Hample, who has snagged more than 3,000 baseballs at major league games.

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