Xtranormal: Videos Anyone Can Make

Ransom Riggs

Watch this first:

I made the video above in about four minutes, for free. It's kind of an amazing technology -- used recently by GEICO to make commercials -- and with little marketing, Xtranormal has swept the internet. Their videos are free-or-cheap to make (you pay for stuff like upgraded sets, actors, etc) and lots of people have been doing it -- often to express frustration with some aspect of their everyday lives. The best Xtranormal videos have gone viral. Here are a few we thought were worth checking out.

This first one hits home with me -- I toyed with idea of at least getting a master's in English. Whew, dodged a bullet there!

Speaking of English degrees, here's one about writing novels. My agent actually posted this on her blog a few months back -- I guess this sounded familiar!

You get the feeling that the people who make some of these videos are writing from experience. Deep, bitter experience.

Can any teachers out there feel this next one?

I'm fairly certain a disgruntled ER doctor made this one. I love how so many of these videos give you a very specific window into people's professional lives -- and frustrations.

There are lots more out there -- what are some of your favorites? The nerdier the better!

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