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Net Neutrality: Explained! (with cute drawings)

Ransom Riggs

I earn some of my living on the internet -- I'm doing it right now! -- but I'm not a techie, as it were, and when it comes to wrapping my head around all the ones and zeroes that ultimately become Bookface or Gweegle I get a little confused. One thing I do know is that net neutrality, or the proposed lack thereof by various big telecom companies and some folks in government, has been getting a lot of press lately (though, according to some, not nearly enough) and I keep hearing things about how "the future of the internet is in peril" and "corporations are about to kill everything you love online" and so on. I kind of understood net neutrality, but until I saw this video, not in a way I could clearly explain to, let's say, my mom.

By the by: this is a part of a pretty great series of videos by software engineer Shamus Young called Drawn to Knowledge.