The American Dream, Explained via Flowchart

Ransom Riggs

Doogie Horner has a way with flowcharts. He's the author of the highly-entertaining Everything Explained Through Flowcharts (a few of which we excerpted here a couple of months ago), and now, inspired by the State of the Union a few days ago, he's turned his flowcharting skills to a concept that's been on everyone's minds lately: the American Dream. He writes:

Is it a unifying, nationalistic force that motivates U.S. citizens to work hard, even without receiving immediate compensation? Is it premium-grade fuel for capitalism, the thrumming engine that runs our hot-rod country? Is it even attainable anymore, with the land of opportunity gone fallow and the middle class disappearing? Many Americans have lost their way. How can we find the American Dream? If only someone would make a map!

And so he did:

Of course, the above is just a snippet -- to see the whole shebang, click here. (Link fixed now!) Keep up the good work, Doogie.