The Empire Farts Back

Chris Higgins

Now, look. I'm not normally a guy who would post a fart video on an esteemed website. But guess what, that's what's going down. And the reason I'm doing so is that there is a moment in the following fart video that seems to define a new category of fart video, in the same way that a famous speech seems to redefine the notion of a speech -- raising the discourse and rhetoric of an entire nation. That is what this fart video does. And that singular moment starts around 1:15 into The Empire Farts Back, when Yoda's farts begin. (I'm sorry: begin, his farts do.) There is a sort of poetry and majesty to these farts and their orchestration -- a rhythm and pacing reminiscent of classical music. The Force is truly strong in this fart video.

Note: video contains lots of extraneous fart noises.

(Via Damon Lindelof.)