Betting an Original Renoir on the Super Bowl

Colin Patrick

Many of the estimated 110 million viewers of Sunday’s Super Bowl XLV are likely to have some sort of bet on the game. There are the $20 bets amongst friends, those who lay down a wager in a casino, the casual fans who engage in Super Bowl party games, and then there are the people who have 19th century art riding on the game – as the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Carnegie Museum of Art do.

In a daring bit of local team confidence, the two art institutions have agreed to a friendly wager – with the losing side loaning a piece of art to the other.

With a Steelers' win, the city of Pittsburgh will be able to go wave their Terrible Towels in front of Gustave Caillebotte’s Boating on the Yerres:

And in the event of a Packers win, there'll likely be a bunch of people with foam cheese heads gawking at Renoir’s Bathers with Crab: