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Five Reasons Why NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Is Awesome

Ransom Riggs

OK, I'll admit right off the bat, they're not *my* reasons, they're Hank Green's. But Hank's video, which is itself rather awesome, just got tweeted about and major up-thumbsed (I just made up that term but will hereafter use it as often as possible) by NASA itself! Plus, it's my birthday, so cut me some freaking slack here. (Smiley face!) (I write smiley faces in emails once in a while but I've never done it in a blog. It just seems too informal. But apparently I am not above writing out the word smiley face).

Anyway, there are a number of reasons why the telescope is awesome, which Hank lays out in short order (and with accompanying cool animations!) but what I like most is his argument about why we should continue to spend billions of dollars on not-necessary-to-human-life things like space telescopes. The answer involves a Sportcenter metaphor, which makes me think that aliens have taken over Hank's brain, but he makes a powerful point nonetheless.