The Late Movies: Pop Cover Songs

Mark Arminio

I love a good cover song. Heck, I like a bad cover song, mostly because I've always secretly desired to be a musician but lack pitch, tone, rhythm, timbre, melody, harmony and, well, talent. Tonight for the late movies are a smattering of pop covers for your aural enjoyment. Enjoy!

Leading off tonight, here is "Bad Romance" on a single guitar played by both Patrick Goble and Donovan Kirkpatrick.

Here is MattyB, a seven-year-old with some serious skills and a computer with autotune (which, really, is about all you need these days). This is his take on Ke-dollar sign-sha's "We R Who We R."

In this clip, we have a band from the land down under, The Vines, with their take on OutKast's hit single "Ms. Jackson."

Bruno Mars originally made a name for himself as a songwriter but is currently lighting up the charts with his own music. In this clip, we have a piano cover of his track "Grenade."

Here is Jackson Harris with his acoustic guitar take on Rihanna and Eminem's "Empire State Of Mind."

Finally, one of my favorite karaoke songs of all time, here is Lucas Cates jamming to "Bust A Move" from Young MC.