Introducing the Vertical Amusement Park

Colin Patrick

Growing up in the middle of Ohio, we had two of the country’s best amusement parks just a few short hours away. Part of the fun of going to them was the growing sense of anticipation as we got close enough to see the skyscrapers peaking up on the horizon. And then there was the completely overwhelming wave of joy that ensued once we finally entered the park: rides over here, games over there, junk food and souvenirs everywhere you look.

That very idea of an expansive, wide-open land of delight is my template for what an amusement park should be. So, when a first heard Ju-Hyun Kim’s idea for a vertical amusement park designed to be housed inside a skyscraper in a crowded metropolis, I certainly had my reservations. How the heck could you make a log ride work in building?

But, after checking out his renderings of what the park could look like, I'm ready to buy my season pass. Here is a quick preview of some of the different areas that his park would contain:

(Via Inhabitat)