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Movies You Saw More Than Once (in Theaters)


1. A few weeks ago we talked about rewatchable movies—films you’ll watch again and again on cable or DVD. But what about movies you saw in theaters and couldn’t wait for home video to see again? What movies did you see multiple times in theaters? (Do you remember what made you want to go back?)

2. One of the first magazines I subscribed to was Nintendo Power. I remember reading a Letter to the Editor about a group of friends so intent on buying the game Ice Hockey, they flew all over North America and spent thousands of dollars trying to locate a copy. (I don’t know how fierce the editors were in verifying claims made in these letters.) No idea what made me think of that this morning. But have you ever gone on an elaborate quest, Harold & Kumar-style, to buy something on a whim? Where did your travels take you?

3. We had our first-in-years company retreat last weekend in Durham, North Carolina, on the Duke University campus. While the words “company retreat” conjured up visions of icebreaker activities and trust falls, those exercises were replaced on our agenda with bowling and basketball and discussing what exactly made the hotel coffee so bad. That last one required breakout sessions. Have you ever had to go on a company retreat? How’d that work out?

4. Every few months we end with the same simple question—what are you currently reading? Do you recommend it?

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